Belly Fat Burner Challenge

Alexa Brown

As we continue to work towards are goals this year, I want to add a challenge where we are going to work our abs a little extra!  Who doesn't want a little extra burn for their abs?  I know I do!  I tend to enjoy any additional workouts throughout my week.  I have learned to love working out.  I mean, it is truly something that I look forward to each day and if I miss my workouts, I can tell.  Not only is my body craving it, but my mind is too.  Not that I instantly love the idea of exercising every single day, but I never regret it.  So, as you continue to work this year, turn working out into your passion and enjoy every minute of it!  Here's this weeks challenge!

Jump Rope - 60 seconds

Spider-Man Plank - 60 seconds

Toe Touches - 60 seconds

Reverse Crunches - 60 seconds

Repeat the set 5 times with a 1 minute break between each set.


Tell me how you felt after working out and how you have created a habit of enjoying your daily exercise.  Tag @hbgcommunity and use the hashtags #hbggirls and #hbgblog. 

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