Benefits of Cauliflower

Alexa Brown

On Wednesday, I gave you my recipe for roasted cauliflower.  Well, now I want to tell you why eating cauliflower is so good for you. Here are some reasons what you should feel good about making the recipe and why you should continue to find new ways to enjoy this vegetable.

1. Cauliflower has a high amount of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are great for your body's overall health!

2. It can be a great source of dietary fiber.  Fiber is great for better digestion and an essential part of your diet.

3. Because cauliflower has B vitamins, it is great to add to your diet!

4. There are omega- 3 fatty acids found in cauliflower and they can help with anti-inflammation.

5. Cauliflower can be used in many ways! You can eat it the traditional way that most people do and like the recipe was on Wednesday. Additionally, you can change it up and mash the cauliflower as a replacement for potatoes or you can rice the cauliflower and replace it with rice in your meal.

hope that you can enjoy cauliflower and add it to your menu for you and your family!  Please tag @hbgcommunity and use the hashtags #hbggirls and #hbgblog to share your favorite way to eat cauliflower!

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