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Alexa Brown

Does anyone out there have a garden at their house?  I dream of the day I can grow all of my own fruits, vegetables and herbs.  I need some ideas and tips from you to help me make it a reality!  I have an idea for how I want it to look and where it can go in my backyard.  However, in the past, most plants I try to water and keep alive on my own...well, they end up dying because I'm terrible at keeping them alive.  I don't know if they are watered too much or too little, too much sun or not many variables!  So, this year, I started small.  I planted flowers!  They are in the sun, as the package says they should be, they are on a drip system so they are automatically watered (that's exactly what I need)! They're gorgeous.  With beautiful flowers growing constantly in my backyard, I am always grabbing a handful and keeping fresh flowers in my kitchen.  It is such a great way to brighten up a home and bring some spring color into your life.  It is one the best parts about spring, fresh flowers everywhere. I would really love to hear some of your ideas and favorite things about gardening and fresh flowers.  Please tag @hbgcommunity and use the hashtags #hbggirls and #hbgblog to share with me.  Let's see if we can all get some great ideas to use.  Then, maybe next year I can get a fruit, vegetable and herb garden going.  Baby steps over here! 

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  • That sounds great! I do well with house plants but not so much outdoors. I would like to try a vegetable this year!


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