Let's Get Organized

Alexa Brown

Who loves organization as much as I do?  I find myself making sure my house is organized each night before I go to bed.  Not only does it help me sleep better at night knowing that everything is in its place, but it helps me find things more easily when I need them and have a clean home to wake up to each day.  Have you ever let things pile up for days or even weeks at a time?  Doesn’t it just make you more stressed each passing day?  For me, if I keep letting it pile up, I keep stressing over it.  Then, it takes much longer for me to sit down and tackle because I know it is going to take me so much longer to get everything back in its place.  Here are some quick tips to help you organize your home and office!

1.    Everything Has a Place: By having a place for everything, you can easily access what you need and what you use frequently. 

2.    Toss, Recycle, Donate: Throw out or recycle things you don’t need.  Don’t keep storing useless items in your home or office.  When you can, donate your items to someone that can use them.  I know it can be hard to part with some of your stuff, even when you haven’t touched it for 5 years.  Once you do de-clutter though, it feels so much better. 

3.    Label: I find labeling especially helpful in my pantry.  I can keep things together in bins and easily locate what I’m looking for. In my office, I label all of the hanging folders so all my papers are put away. 

4.    Create a To-Do Folder: This helps you clear off your desk and clear off your counter space. 

5.    Create a To-Do List for the Day: I always sit down before I go to bed and plan out my upcoming day.  It helps me feel more refreshed the next morning and ready to tackle the day ahead.


Can you help add great ways to organize your life?  I'd love for you to share them with me!  Tag @hbgcommunity with your creative organizational tips and use the hashtags #hbggirls and #hbgblog. 

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