Wake Up Challenge

Alexa Brown

Last week, I created a before bed challenge for those of us who want to get in a calorie burn late at night.  This week, here's a calorie burn to start your day.  For me, I personally love getting up and getting my day started with a workout.  It makes me feel good to get my heart pumping and metabolism going when I get out of bed.  I love that I get my workout in right away too.  That way, if my day gets crammed with other activities, I know my workout is already completed.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I do have to workout in the evenings sometimes too, but the mornings are so much better. 

Here's the workout! 

20 push-ups

20 crunches

20 squats

20 jumping jacks

20 lunges (each leg)

20 bicep curls (each arm)

Finish with a 1 minute Forearm Plank.


What is your favorite time of day to exercise?  Tell me @hbgcommunity and use the hashtags #hbggirls and #hbgblog.

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