Stretch Challenge

Alexa Brown

I think that people often underestimate stretching before and after workouts.  I know it can be easy to skip because, if you are like me, you might be ready to move on to the next thing you have going on.  I mean, I know how important stretching is and I really enjoy stretching my muscles, but sometimes I am ready to be done with my workout and move on.  I try to put on a relaxing song to enjoy while I stretch out my muscles, it makes it a little more enjoyable!  When you warm up before starting your workout,...

Yogurt Breakfast Bark

Alexa Brown

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Here is a quick breakfast or snack option that you can make and enjoy anytime.  I love having this on hand.  It is easy to grab when I am hungry or the kids are hungry.  It is also super easy to throw together and there are so many yummy options! Ingredients 2 cups vanilla Greek yogurt 3 tablespoon maple syrup 3/4 cup quick oats 1/2 cup strawberries sliced 1/4 cup chocolate chips Directions 1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 2. In a large mixing bowl, combine Greek yogurt and syrup.  Stir until combined. 3.  Spread yogurt onto your...

Word Challenge

Alexa Brown

I created a fun challenge for you this week!  I have actually used it before, but I wanted to bring it back because it is so fun.  I thought it would be awesome to spell your favorite word that encourages you.  Here are some examples that I was thinking of, CHAMPION, EMPOWER, CONFIDENCE, SELF-WORTH, BEAUTIFUL, SELF-LOVE, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, STRONG, POWERFUL and so many, many more.  It is completely up to you and you can change it up every day if you want to.  Have so much fun! A: 5o jumping jacks B: 40 squats C: 1 minute wall sit D: 15...

Spicy Cauliflower

Alexa Brown

I know I have posted several vegetables lately but, they are just so yummy and we eat lots of veggies over here.  Since we do, I am always looking for new ways to eat them.  This is one way to enjoy cauliflower and it tastes like a chicken wing!  I know lots of people that love chicken wings, but this is a different take on the same taste.  I would definitely recommend trying this and seeing what you think! Ingredients 1 head of cauliflower, chopped 1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce 3 tablespoons sriracha (more or less depending on how...

Arm Challenge

Alexa Brown

Hey!  We are going to burn out our arm muscles in this challenge!  Reading through it might not sound super hard, but your arms should feel incredibly fatigued at the end of the workout.  You can add weights if you want to for an extra challenge.  I am going to use 10 pound dumbbells.  Feel free to choose your own weight or no weights at all.  If you don't have dumbbells, grab a water bottle or something else you have laying around your house for weights.  Enjoy!   20 Bicep Curls (each arm) 20 Tricep Dips 20 Hammer Curls 20...